Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paris Fairytale

girl in front of the eifel tower
My first descovering of Paris!
It was incredibly amazing! The city of fashion, art and harmony!
Defenetly love from the first sight :)

winter eifel tower Galerie L. Honestly i could have spend there the whole week)
galerie lafayette
Old fashion market where i bought 2 beauriful brasletts (comming soon)
old magazines
Christmas picnik in Versalle with Moette!
girl inside castle versailles

girl siting on a couch which looks like a mouth
girl inside castle versailles
view on paris at night As was told, fashion is everywhere)
fashionable man in the streets of paris

couple in front of the eifel tower
eifel tower at night
fashionable girl standing in a shopping mall
champs elysee at night during christmas time
fish at a market in paris
cheese at a market in paris
fashionable girl standing infront of a painting in the louvre in paris

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