Friday, April 23, 2010

What do you think about creativity? What creativity thinks about you?

I live in the world for millions of years already and will definitely stay much longer. I was here since the beginning, when no one of you even existed, it was time to create the world. Honestly it was a hard collaboration with Nature, you know, to choose the right colors and shapes, but I hope you guys love the result! Therefore, I hope nobody will deny the fact that I am the most important part in the universe. What is my secret? It is very simple – Love. Love to the people, to the life, to the emotions. Do everything what you are doing with love and passion.

In other words, Nature gave you a huge opportunity to live, so live this life with me - colorful and bright, everyday like the last. Don’t be afraid to follow me: share, admire, surprise, laugh and cry! And probably after many years with me, you will have the same thoughts like a lot of people before you already had: THANK YOU MY LOVELY CREATIVITY, I LOVE MY LIFE BECAUSE OF YOU, now I understand that life is TOO SHORT to SPEND IT in the black shadow of dull reality.

And only because of this words and incredible emotions I continue to spread my philosophy on the earth, THE PHILOSOPHY OF CREATIVITY!

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